Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are classes taught throughout the three sessions??

A: Yes. Each session (Saturday mornings) are broken up into 3 periods. Scouts will attend a class during each period.

Q: Do the parents have to stay?

A: No, you can drop your Scout off on the East side of the Ohio Stadium and pick them back up there when they are done.

Q: Is there parking nearby?

A: Yes, there is available parking at the Tuttle Parking Garage at an hourly rate. See this link for more information:

Q: Should a Scout bring filled out Blue Cards?

A: Yes. A Scout should bring a filled out Blue Card for each class he is taking. The Blue Cards will be collected during class and returned after the event by mail. Please bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope to ensure that the Blue Cards are mailed correctly. The Blue Cards should be sent back within a week of the last session.

Q: What if a Scout cannot attend all 3 sessions?

A: You can still register! However, the Scout is responsible for coordinating with the counselor to make up any of the missed material.